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5G special topic of new power industry: 5G starts, power supply increases and flourishes


Source: glonghui

Organization: Bank of China International

The high power consumption level of 5G base station puts forward new requirements for communication power supply system. We expect that in the main construction period in the future, the market space of 5G base station switching power supply is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan, and the demand for lithium iron phosphate battery may exceed 155 GWH. In addition, 5G network slicing meets the construction requirements of ubiquitous power Internet of things, which is expected to promote the landing of some new application scenarios and accelerate the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things.

Key points supporting rating

5G base station construction space is broad, and the increase of 155gwh lithium battery demand in 7 years is expected: the communication power supply is the power supply to provide AC and DC power to the communication equipment, and it is the energy guarantee of the whole communication network. Battery is the core equipment to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of communication power supply. At present, the valve controlled sealed battery accounts for the vast majority of the market share of the battery for communication power supply. With the construction of 5G base station, the advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery such as high energy density, long service life, environmental protection and high current charge and discharge are highlighted. It is expected to gradually replace lead-acid battery and improve the penetration rate in the backup power supply market of 5G base station. The 5G commercial license is officially issued, and the construction speed of base station is expected to be accelerated; at the same time, "macro station + micro station" has become a new mode in 5g era, the proportion of micro base station is expected to be greatly increased, and the power supply mode will be more flexible and diverse. We predict that the number of 5g macro base stations and micro base stations will reach 1311 and 26 million respectively from 2019 to 2025, and the demand for lithium batteries from base station energy storage batteries will be 3.9gwh, 23.1gwh, 28.9gwh, 31.4gwh, 21.0gwh, 23.9gwh and 23.1gwh respectively, which will bring 155.4gwh increment in lithium battery demand. The market space of switching power supply is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan: according to the typical configuration scheme of 3aau + 1bbu, 5G base station needs to be equipped with at least 48V / 100A switching power supply to meet the power supply demand. According to the general price and forecast demand, the total value of switching power supply for 5G base station is about 30-40 billion yuan, and the market space is expected to exceed 5 billion yuan in peak period.

5G application enabling ubiquitous power Internet of things Construction: in the overall architecture of ubiquitous power Internet of things, data acquisition, transmission, processing and application are the core, which requires high-speed and reliable communication system as the guarantee. Network slicing is an important innovation point of 5G application. Network slicing meets the application requirements of ubiquitous power Internet of things. The three typical slices defined by 3GPP, such as embB, mmtc and ulllc, can be applied to many different scenarios, such as intelligent unmanned inspection, load accurate control, distribution automation, Distributed Renewable Energy control, terminal data acquisition, etc.

Investment advice

Communication power supply: it is estimated that the total value of 5G base station switching power supply is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. It is suggested to pay attention to Zhongheng electric and Xinlei Neng, which are the domestic communication switching power supplies. It is estimated that 5G base station will bring about an increase of 155gwh in lithium battery demand from 2019 to 2025, which will benefit the lithium iron phosphate battery industry chain, recommend battery leaders such as Ningde times, BYD, Yiwei lithium energy, GuoXuan high tech, etc., and recommend battery material leaders such as Putai, Xingyuan materials, Enjie, and xinzhoubang.

Ubiquitous power Internet of things: 5G application enables ubiquitous power Internet of things construction. It is recommended that Nari, the leading subject of intelligent and information upgrading of power grid, should pay attention to Minjiang hydropower; at the same time, it is recommended to pay attention to power collection, intelligent distribution network, etc., Haixing power and Jinzhi technology are recommended.

Risk tips

5G construction did not meet expectations; ubiquitous power Internet of things construction did not meet expectations; communication lithium battery penetration did not meet expectations; price competition exceeded expectations.

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